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Meghan Markle’s gesture behind Kate ‘indicates discomfort’ at Queen’s funeral – Bullfarts

Published On: Tue, Sep 20th, 2022

Meghan Markle’s gesture behind Kate ‘indicates discomfort’ at Queen’s funeral

Body language expert and Connection Specialist Katia Loisel said that Kate Middleton appeared “relaxed” at the beginning of the service at Westminster Abbey, but the situation “took its toll” on the Princess of Wales.

Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey with two of her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, while Meghan entered walking closely behind her.

Katia claimed that, initially, Kate appeared “relaxed and at ease” and she was “smiling and making conversation as she held Princess Charlotte’s hand”.

However, as she entered the Abbey in front of Meghan Markle, “the enormity of the loss took its toll”.

The Princess of Wales’ head and eyes “were downcast” and her large-brimmed hat “was obscuring her face and her pain,” Katia said.

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“Her lips were compressed and downturned and her brow was furrowed for much of the service,” Katia pointed out.

“Compressed lips are reliable indicators of negative emotions, the more pronounced the lip compression, the higher the levels of discomfort and stress,” the expert explained to 7Life.

Walking closely behind Kate, “Meghan cut a solitary figure, her head bowed and eyes downcast,” the body language expert suggested.

Katia claimed Meghan kept “her hands clasped in front in a self-protecting gesture indicating a level of discomfort or uncertainly”.


The Duchess of Sussex found herself alone when arriving at the Abbey as Prince Harry had to follow the procession with Prince William.

Meghan arrived in a car with Sophie, Countess of Wessex but no interaction could be seen between them.

Once outside the building, she looked slightly out of place as she followed Sophie and Kate’s lead inside Westminster until Prince Harry joined her when the service is about to start.

The body language expert also said Prince Charles was “clearly grief-stricken during the proceedings but emotionally reserved”.

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“The brothers used a number of pacifying behaviours in an attempt to self-soothe rocking back and forth during the service.

“Rocking is often seen in times of high psychological distress and is an effective way of reducing anxiety and tension promoting a sense of calm,” she explained.

After the funeral, Queen Elizabeth was buried at St George’s Chapel in a private ceremony where all the members of the Royal Family were present.

It is believed Meghan and Harry’s children, Archie and Lilibet, stayed in California and didn’t attend the funeral due to their young age.

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